8 thoughts on “Reading Responses – Non-Fiction

  1. Hello there!!! I hope you are enjoying your summer break as much as I am. I still cannot get myself to leave Pinterest alone though…lol. I just found your Non Fiction Reading Response board activity. I love it! I wanted to save it to my flash drive but have no way of doing it from here. I was wondering if you could email it to me as an attachment. I would love to incorporate it into some kind of center or monthly assignment for my third grade students. Thanks in advance and thanks for the wonderful idea!

    My email is allison28396@yahoo.com


    • Hello Alison,

      Thank you! I’m delighted to know that you found the Non Fiction Reading Response activity helpful!

      You can capture the image by right clicking and then selecting “Save Image As” or “Copy Image”.

      If you “Save Image As” put the image in the “My Pictures” (if you are on a PC) or you
      can “Copy Image” and paste it into a MS Word document.

      Best regards,
      ELA teacher

  2. Good Morning
    I just wanted to let you know that I’m going to use this resources for a parent newsletter that I send home at our school. I will give you credit!
    Thank you
    A. Drewitz

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