Blind Date with a Book!


You know I will do ANYTHING to help my boost interest in reading in my 7th/8th grade classes. Last week I saw a post making the rounds about a library that wrapped books and put just a few key words on the front (of course, now I can not find that post for the life of me! If you know of it, please let me know! I give ALL the credit to their fantastic idea!).

I decided that would be great for my room, as all the hormones are raging!

“Blind Date with a Book”

1. Read the key words, pick a book, and go see Miss before you unwrap.

2. Wrap and see what you picked!

3. Read at least 30 pages – if you decide that your “date” is going well and you want to see where it leads, keep reading! If your date is “nice, but not for you”, return the book.

Luckily, I found this adorable Valentine’s wrapping paper at Target (honestly, where else?!) to make things festive. Some of the tags include: fast paced, action, 1st person narrative, inspiring, dark, page turner, popular author, brand new, now a movie, etc.

Here’s hoping to fun times and good reads!



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