Today’s Meet – similar to Twitter


While reading To Kill a Mockingbird , Chapters 16 – 21 “The Trial” chapters, I promoted these chapters as a “live tweet” event. Since we could not use Twitter, my campus IT person suggested Today’s Meet –

I created a link for each of my classes and posted questions as the trial  was happening in each of the chapters.  The students were paired together to discuss and formulate responses to the questions I had posted or to ask questions about what was happening during the trial.  I had a couple of “test” classes try this out on the first day. I did a “verbal exit slip” and asked the students if they had a better understanding of the trial process, what was their level of interest/focus on the trial, did the posting help with discussion about characterization, theme, motif. The students responded favorably to all the questions and repeatedly told me how much they enjoyed tweeting. I then used today’s meet with all the classes with good results.

Note: While the students were “tweeting”,  they were also taking notes about how the prosecution and defense presented their respective cases. They then wrote their own verdict of the Tom Robinson case based on their notes. .

Today’s Meet –

Talk, Listen

TodaysMeet helps you embrace thebackchannel and connect with your audience in realtime.

Encourage the room to use the live stream to make comments, ask questions, and use that feedback to tailor your presentation, sharpen your points, and address audience needs.


Create a Room

Name your roomie: the room in one hour 2 hours 8 hours one day one week one month one year how long will the room data be saved?




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