Summer Reading To “(Re)Invigorate” Your Teaching

Summer Reading To “(Re)Invigorate” Your Teaching | Professional Shelf
By Alicia Eames on June 7, 2014

One title educators will want to add to their summer toolkit is Meenoo Rami’s Thrive: 5 Ways to (Re)Invigorate Your Teaching (Heinemann, 2014). As a new teacher, Rami discovered work hours that extended long after the last school bell rang and nagging doubts about her ability to succeed. Having worked her way through these and other challenges, the author has hard-earned, practical advice to share with colleagues.
Rami’s number one recommendation is to find a mentor, whether in school or beyond, and she provides suggestions for making that happen. Connections and networks are another, huge source of potential support and information, and the author describes how she built and maintains the relationships, from school-based teams to national associations to online communities, she established.
While acknowledging the frustration of dealing with “rules, regulations, and requirements,” the author offers ideas on how to keep intellectual curiosity at the forefront, encouraging readers to create their own curriculum, or to find ways to infuse prepackaged curricula with “authentic inquiry.” She urges teachers to trust their instincts and listen to their own voices; it’s OK to question authority. Finally, Rami provides examples of student-driven learning and talks about the benefits of empowering students as collaborators in the classroom. Sidebars featuring advice and observations from teachers across the country (a testament to the power of networks) appear throughout the book.



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