Transition from Summer Vacation

To transition back from summer, have students create their own “warning flag” to answer the question, “What were the perils (difficulties) of a trip you took or how you spent your time this summer?” Use Beach Warning Flags as an example of what they may have had to “put up with” or were hassled by.

To put a positive spin on this [possible] assignment, have students think about an event or events that happened over the summer. Students can also create  a “Summer Flag”. Use the sentence starter, “It was the summer of…” Examples can include but not limited to: volunteering for a charity, walking a neighbor’s/caring for a friend’s pet, going to day/summer camp, visiting relatives,  attending  a music festival/museum/art gallery/ball game/water/amusement parks, reading books, playing video games etc.

For instance, both my children needed to have some teeth removed, so for me it’s been “The Summer of Tooth Extraction”!


Beach Warning Flags


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