Inference and Idiom

Inference/Interpretation:  Interpreting an image.

“What can you figure out from the following picture and caption?”

Show the following picture to students:



Caption: If you are not good at estimating how much pasta is enough for you (one person), there’s a tool for that.

Ask the students, “What do you notice?” Get students observations. Other prompt questions: “What is this tool used for?” “What do you already know about cooking pasta?”  “What do you notice about the size of the people [baby, woman, man]?” Students may ask, “Why does the pasta scale progress from a child to a HORSE?” Have students discuss possible answers.

Ask students if they have heard the expression/idiom “I’m so hungry I could eat a horse!” Then get ready for the “aha moment” and a few groans! Discussion: The manufacturers of this pasta measuring guide included a horse to indicate/to measure out a larger amount [read: when you are REALLY hungry; you’re so hungry you could eat a horse!].


Another visual for inference:

Prompt: Why would you tell a person to “Wag more. Bark less?”

wag more bark less




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