Hit Record: Writing Challenges

Hit Record: Writing Challenges on Tumblr

WEEK 11’s CHALLENGE: Write a story about a character who receives an unexpected message.

WEEK 10’s CHALLENGE: Write a story about two characters causing a disaster.

WEEK 9’s CHALLENGE: Write a story that begins with an ending.

WEEK 8’s CHALLENGE: Write a Journal Entry from the perspective of anyone you want.

WEEK 7’s CHALLENGE: Write a break up letter, email, or text message.

WEEK 6’s CHALLENGE: Add 1 sentence to continue the story. All stories start with THIS SENTENCE*. You can build off any story in the collab at any stage of the story – but only 1 sentence at a timeBe sure to resource the Text RECord that you’re adding to.

*“She decided she was going to do it.”

WEEK 5’s CHALLENGE: Write a Story or Script that has an unexpected cliffhanger ending.

WEEK 4’s CHALLENGE: Write without stopping for 10 full minutes. Your inspiration should be a Proverb, Common Saying, or Idiom.

WEEK 3’s CHALLENGE: Write a Story that includes a Beginning, Middle & End in only 3 sentences.

WEEK 2’s CHALLENGE: Find a photograph on the site that speaks to you & write a poem about it.

NOTE: Please be sure to resource the photo you used as inspiration

THIS WEEK’S CHALLENGE: Write a short story or a script about two people being in a confined space. Here are some things to include in your Text RECords:

  1. Where is this confined space?
  2. Who are the two characters?
  3. Why are they trapped in this space?

Source: http://hitrecord.tumblr.com/search/Weekly+Writing+Challenge

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