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Watch Mark Hamill warn moviegoers not to talk or text during show — exclusive


Alamo Drafthouse Cinema has enlisted Mark Hamill to employ his Jedi mind tricks to sway moviegoers not to talk or text during a show.

In the video above, the Star Wars actor joins the ranks of Hollywood talent to make a PSA for the popular Texas-based Alamo chain, which has famously led the charage against disruptive moviegoers with its strict No Talking, No Texting, No Late Seating policy.

Hamill’s entry was made during his promotional rounds for the upcoming spy film, Kingsman: The Secret Service, which opens Feb. 13, and of course The Force Awakens continues the Star Warsfranchise this December. Check out his video – the admonishing is strong with this one!

And I can’t let this opportunity pass without also embedding Alamo’s most famous no-talking PSA ever, below. If you’ve never seen it, this is a work of genius, both accidential (the caller) and intentional (the PSA editor). When this plays in Austin theaters, veteran theatergoers will recite it aloud. Warning: The language is NSFW.


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