Poets at Work


I know this was last week but wanted to see this year’s poets!

Emily Dickinson - Sylvia Plath - WB Yeats with coffee

It’s possible, depending on who frequents your neighborhood coffee shop, that there was a recent influx of colorful poets on sticks ordering cappuccinos and iced coffees. (And, I imagine, a few cups of tea as well.)

In anticipation of this year’s Take Your Poet to Work Day celebration, we recognized that poets like to take a coffee break as well as anyone else. So we invited you to take your poets to your favorite coffee shop and help us build the first Take Your Poet to Work Day GIFcollection. Led by the reclusive Emily Dickinson, my poets were a little shy about making a scene at the coffee shop so we played a little make-believe instead:

Take Your Poet to Work Day GIF - reduced size

(click the image for a larger view)

So listen. Coffee break is over, and it’s time to get back to work. But before you go, make sure you pick a poet or two to take with you to work. Here are 3 great ways to celebrate:

1. Download our Take Your Poet to Work Coloring Book

free take your poet to work day coloring book standing only

Our fun coloring book is full of 20 poets you can cut  out and color. The downloadable book has been updated with the 2015 poets, along with the poets’ backs (fun!) plus props and accessories (more fun!).  Print a copy for yourself and an extra to leave on the table in the break room for your coworkers.

2. Choose a poet from one of our Take Your Poet to Work Day printables

Choose your poet, color and cut him or her out, and attach to a popsicle stick. No matter where you’re going to work, bring your poet along. Maybe you’ll even have your poet read a coffee poem to a coworker who stops by to chat, like this one from Marjorie Maddox:

Anniversary Coffee

On this side of plate glass,
the Pennsylvania sky threatens

no one, calms us with what we aren’t,
such perfect summer squall the calm

we love in morning
coffee and split croissant.

Those behind the counter
know us and know

when to save what we want,
can order for us, smile at how we smile

at each other’s drenched winsomeness. You are
not what I ordered but what I order now

across the café table, across the morning
spread with such delectable savor.

—Marjorie Maddox

(And if you’re not working today, take your poet to the beach, or the grocery store, or yes, of course, to your favorite coffee shop.)

3. Share your Take Your Poet to Work Day photos and stories with us

Tweet us a photo of your poet at work to @tspoetry and use the hashtag #PoetToWork. We’ll share our favorites with the Tweetspeak Poetry community.

* * *

Thanks to all who submitted Take Your Poet to Work Day GIFs from your favorite coffee shop. Our winner of the $100 prize is Suzanne, who says this about her GIF, based on a 12-line poem called “How to Throw an Insult with Shakespearean Style”:

This poem was inspired by the Shakespeare Insult Kit. I created new insults inspired by the words of William Shakespeare. All very tame and silly. The animated poem shows insults volleying between Shakespeare and other poets. In the end William realises he is outnumbered and decides it is wise to turn his back.

source: http://www.tweetspeakpoetry.com/category/take-your-poet-to-work-day/

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